Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Doing Catch-up

I told son Noah I would do the 365 project..a photo a day. We post in FB to keep each other honest.

This the day they announced a three day ice storm that in the end did not happen.

And in the gloomies I posted an interior shot, just because I need color sometimes.

My friend has leukemia. She is on second round of Chemo. Her brother will donate stem cells in the future. I took some quiet time to think over what i should do. She lives 500 miles away.

And a trip to Petco on a rainy day as Rosie posed in front of a sign expressing what we all wish for at the doctor's office.

A picture of the temperature that I can tolerate. 43 degrees. I prefer 73.

Everyone can probably guess where I
went shopping today.

But hardly a person I know keeps track of all the new legislation coming our way...much of it involving Health care.
I am going to try a lot harder to post both places in a single day. Tonight...just tired.
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