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Tend to like Mexico and Mexican people and their art, let alone their produce in winter and every Mexican person I have met, legal citizen or otherwise.
When I was a busy Ebay person in Indianapolis and usually mailed on Fridays there was a huge line of Hispanics in front of me at the Post Office. They were sending money home to families.

In Indiana my brother was a roofing contractor and no one wanted those hot, dangerous jobs as roofers. They wanted white collar jobs. Mexicans did want those jobs. They had to be citizen or my brother would be fined. Hardest workers ever.

The day after World Trade Center Bombings the Mexican crew, building a new house next to mine in Tucson all came to work in USA flag bandanas. Later an insurance adductor, after my house flooded from a a white crew air conditioner contractors screw up.. he was also from Mexico, told me how he encouraged his sons to join the US military.

While I lived there, I babysat my daughters baby twin girls, now 16 years old. The gave me a chiminea for the patio as a gift. It is with me in Kansas.

And another one.

Now why exactly is it important to spend Billions to build a wall? I wonder the proportion of Hispanics who have served in the military? I should imagine the numbers are high
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