Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Signs of Spring? Long

Hey guys...I am Not going to go out of my way to send 365 project photos. Some of them are wonderful some are awful. All will be posted under Brenda Gadd on FB.
Politics effect me to the point of getting sick. I have to withdraw and pick my battles.
To me, I have to be the thing I seek. If is peace and joy then seek it every day. Peace means being kind to a neighbor who acts like an asshole and yet, I think, has a marvelous wife. In the neighbor hood we just call Him Mr. Maureen.
Mrs Maureen clearly has no power or influences far as I can see ..good dogs.Puppies, as yet untrained. I greet on the street She seems so grateful for an introduction and talk from neighbors.
Yeah, her house was called a Spangles after the restaurant chain. Just like the artist at the end of the street Roger S...His house really does look like a Star wars attack vehicle. LET IT GO PEOPLE!
How can I make peace, operate in peace and yet defend things that i cannot yet control with our nation? I write the letters.'s photos are not accurate. The Liquor Store was changing beer banners, which I hope is a sign of Spring. But the photo says another thing. Complete accident. They were so nice to me and even granted a minute of socialization to pup Rosie.
Sigh is my new comment.
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