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Confessions of a Light Seeker

18 December 1948
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There is nothing I love better than a good story. Put it in letters or put it on film. I've lived many places, but I'm now back in Lawrence Kansas. I've seen so very much there's no way to put it into biography. It will have to come gradually, in story.
I have been divorced and later remarried and widowed. I am finally finding who I am independently. I have more heartache than one person deserves and also more joy.
The things I love are fire. I love daily fire, candles if not a fireplace. I love the play of light on anything. I paint, not because I am good at it, but because it calls me.
I love animals, dogs in particular. I want to know what they know. I want to teach them what I know. I wonder if a dog lived to be old enough, if he could finally talk.
I love sky, all sorts of sky. I love fields and open spaces.